SEO Vs Link Building

There are two types of marketing – SEO and link building. SEO is the act of increasing search engine rankings and link building is the process of creating links that will generate organic traffic to your website. Both SEO and link building require different tactics.

search engine optimization

The top ranking that a website receives is largely due to SEO, not by link building. Only through SEO can a website be found and rank highly in the search engines. Link building can help to increase traffic to a website but, as you may be aware, link building is not as effective at generating organic traffic.

It has been said many times, “Links are the bread and butter of SEO”. Each time a website has one or more links posted in the web they increase its page rank. This ranking is shown at the top of the search engine results, thus improving the search engine traffic in general.

Link building does take some time and patience. Once you have the link(s) built up it is advisable to use them for all your sites. Do not put them on just one site. It is wise to use links that are on other sites.

In the initial stages of SEO, it is common to place many links all over the place. Search engines, especially Google and Yahoo, place a lot of importance on sites that receive a lot of incoming links. Since they take this as an indication that your site has been visited, the more links you have, the better.

In the beginning it may seem like a time consuming process, but with time, results are noticeable. Google recently banned certain websites from using too many links because they did not give the visitors a reason to click on the links. Link building has definitely come of age and there is much proof to show that this is the better form of SEO.All the links should have similar content. If you are going to have links on your site that are obviously click-baiting you will only attract people who will only be interested in clicking the links. Remember, you are trying to get people to visit your site, not waste their time and/or energy.

You can create a list of people to whom you want to send your links. There are software programs that can aid you in this task. When a person searches for a particular term, he or she may enter a website. With the use of the search engine’s natural search engine you will be able to find out which websites have links posted on them.

In case you don’t know how to go about this, ask someone who is experienced in SEO. I think you would find that these days the internet has turned into an extensive marketing tool. However, some people may be hesitant to invest time and money into a business that could eventually turn to their disadvantage. While SEO is not as strong as it was 10 years ago, it has proven itself to be one of the most effective means of getting a business off the ground.

As a matter of fact, in the world of SEO, being skilled in link building is much more beneficial than search engine optimization. Links can lead to a number of forms of success. With the help of SEO you can get your website listed on search engines but not all of them.

It is not uncommon for SEO to become a lost cause. The link building aspect of SEO may not be as popular today as it was a few years ago. Most people today don’t want to deal with the tedium of link building.

Also, because so many people are using the internet for all their business needs, link building is only one aspect of SEO. When you combine SEO with link building, you will be surprised at how much of a difference link building can make.