Key Terms – SEO and Link Building


Key Terms – SEO and Link Building

Search Engine Marketing and SEO are terms that often get conflated. Often times we use the two interchangeably.

SEO is just a method of ranking websites for search engines, where search engine marketing is the whole process of getting your website ranked on the top page of the search engines. SEO is used in several forms, to achieve maximum exposure of your site, and links to your site.

The difference between SEO and SEM is that SEM focuses on getting targeted traffic to your site, whereas SEO will drive targeted traffic to your site. SEO is more of a technique of getting your site to the top page of the search engines.

The Key Term to understand is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. An SEO expert is one who has an advanced knowledge of keywords, keyword density, as well as search engine optimisation, and who has seen the heights of success of websites at obtaining links.

A lot of search engine marketers will believe that only Google’s AdWords works, but in fact, most of them are so focused on getting their ads on top that they forget about getting into a good source for their products. Also, this may not be accurate. Many marketers make a better living in SEO by receiving advertising revenue, which improves their profits greatly.

Google is currently the largest of the major search engines that power the Internet. This leaves the big two – Yahoo and MSN. Google dominates the Internet in all search engine traffic, but the Google algorithm is constantly changing, and many other search engines are popping up with lesser competition and greater relevance.

When you are thinking about SEO, your focus should be on getting your site into the top of the list. This is where a search engine marketing expert can help you. They know what keywords to use, how to write press releases and their importance, and the different search engine strategies that can get your site in the top 10.

Having the right tools for your SEO is very important. Tools like, Google AdWords, link exchange programs, social bookmarking, twittering, blogging and video sharing are all important.

If you have a website, you need to have a good SEO strategy in place. And yes, a good SEO specialist is vital.

With a good SEO, you are able to create your own keyword list, meaning that you get to build a list of targeted customers for your services or products. If you want your website to rank higher on search engines, you need to have a good list of targeted keywords.

Link Building is something that most people have no idea how to do, even though they probably have the skills to write a very good article. It does not take much effort to submit your articles to article directories and other places that have links to your website. You need to be careful to avoid sites that look to ‘build’ your link, meaning that you will have a lot of your own links, but it looks like the site is built by spamming.

Most importantly, you want to establish yourself as a specialist in the field of SEO. Spend some time researching the various keywords and also look at the various SEO directories that specialize in your field of expertise.